Cocoon strategy enables clients to take a deep dive within for internal bearing or consult to obtain an external bearing with both aspects leading to maximum clarity and outcomes.


I offer services that provide a safe place for my clients to explore who they really are. The foundation of my practice is to actively listen and ask powerful questions to co-create the ideal environment to get to the root of the matter.


Let's sit down and go over the best direction possible.

Coaching is a powerful collaborative process enabling greater awareness leading to strategic keys to unlock your highest potential.

Who do I coach?

If you’re motivated, committed, courageous, willing and ready to do what it takes to go from average to awesome, then you’re who I coach. The key themes with my clients are change, transformation, personal and professional life optimization and transition.

I am grateful for the opportunity to mitigate confusion around what coaching (as I practice it) is and is not. This is largely due to the fact that, unlike other helping professional descriptors (such as a therapist), there is no statutory control on the use of the term ‘coach’, so it has ended up being employed to describe a number of different activities. The world’s premier body for credentialing professional coaches, the International Coaching Federation defines coaching as:

'...partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.'

First thing to note here is coaching is a partnership. A professional coach is not a mentor, consultant, therapist or advisor. We don’t have your answers, but what we do have are some really good questions that help you discover your answers. Let’s be honest how can anyone else possibly have them? I am not the expert in you — you are!

Specialized Functional Coaching

Awareness is key!

Life Coach
Who are you, really?
Health Coach
Is it really that simple?
Performance Coach
Let's take a look under the hood...
Personal Development
Where are you with those life goals?


Awareness is key!


Awareness is Key!

Cocoon Strategy provides strategic functional coaching and consulting services.

The outcome of these services provide a "Therapeutic" effect on the client's cocoon (Physical body; Emotional body; Mental Body and Spiritual body).

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Complimentary Session

Awareness is Key!

Contact me to set up a time for your complimentary session to experience coaching first hand. This session will also provide you an opportunity to find out if coaching with me will provide you with what you think you will need to win your game. Coaching is conducted by phone, Zoom or in person. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about you.

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Awareness is Key!